Special Products

We are orgainsed principally to undertake small and medium sized projects which through their complexity or risk, are of less interest to larger organisations. Our engineers are experienced in the design and manufacture of form four motor control centres together with control systems using hard wire relay logic, programmable logic controllers and sophisticated operation interface panels.

We are experienced with the many types of variable speed drives as well as being familiar with a wide range of control gear manufactures products. Not being tied to any particular manufacture enables us to provide systems which are convenient for the user to maintain rather than being convenient for us to build.

Through the experience of the company and that of our staff we are able to offer our customers the following special products.

1) The design and manufacture of electrical and motor control panels.

2) Process control and instrumentation.

3) Programmable logic controller systems.

4) Variable speed drive applications.

5) Switchgear and distribution.

6) Electrical Installation to BS 7671.

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